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Adoption can be a joyous, sad, or confusing decision or situation, depending on the individual and circumstances surrounding each case. Adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents, etc. need some sort of forum in order to share their feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Although each person's story is different, it is possible to find one or more people who can identify with your feelings at any given time.

Adoption forums are often made available, especially on-line, so that everyone can remain anonymous, while still expressing the things they are experiencing or feeling. No one has to go through anything alone, so it is up to each person to make an effort to ensure he or she does not go into depression over a situation that they cannot help or do anything about.

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Sarah - 2 months ago
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I am a middle age woman that is going to meet her biological side of the family from another country for the first time. Not including my biological mother. I was the one that initiated this visit although everyone seems to be looking forward to my visit. I am excited but also apprehensive because I am concerned that the life I have lived might not be up to par with everyone else. Meaning I choose to pass up a college degree and have never had any incredible carreer in life. I do have 4 wonderful grown children and many grandchildren that are my crowning joy. My birth mother gave me up because she didn't think she could provide the life that she thought I should have and now I feel like she and my distant relatives would be and might feel like I am a disapointment #1
Amy - 7 months ago
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Hi, my husband and I live in Oregon, and are looking to adopt a couple children from the birth parents directly, and hope to have a successful adoption. We are open to sending some updates on the child(ren), also we pay for the birth and adoption certificates, and the adoption papers. Child(ren) will be covered for everything. We do not want any child support help in any way, we'll have everything we all will need. Please contact me to let me know if you know someone. xxxx #2
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